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"Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased" --Daniel 12:40

It's all about the SlackWare[[ SlackWare was written and is maintained by Patrick Volkerding - Thank_You_Patrick!! ]] /////// SlackWare-Based Distros: Slack/390 VectorLinux* /////// Slackware-Commands: printable command list hugesmp.s root=/dev/sdb1 rdinit= ro /////// Slackware-Documentation+Support: Useful stuff for NewBies(READIT!) House of Craig Linux Screw Revised Slackware Book Project Slackware linux Project /////// Slackware-DownLoad it: SlackWare_v15 Current Slack??? Slack torrents Slack ISO's ibiblio Flavours Sunsite Sweden All versions (iso's) from 3.0 - 12.1 Linux Mint - All Versions!! /////// Slackware-Installation How_To's: Install(Slack 11.0)-07mar2007 Install(Slack 12.0)-07dec2007 How to install, by Shilo(ShiloIsAGeek) Understand/edit fstab /////// Slackware-Packages: SlackPackages

 Puppy Linux
To Create ANY Puppy Linux Boot USB you MUST download [ Universal USB Installer v2.0.2.3 ] Universal USB Installer Home ** Puppy Linux Distro + [ P e t s ] Collection for DownLoad **

F96-CE_4 ... Based on Ubuntu **Current Favorite** F96-CE_4 .iso F96-CE Project Site F96-CE Forum F96-CE Pets
[How I setup F96-CE_4-30JUN2024] downloaded pets= - installed FLAWLESSLY and WORKS !!

S15Pup64 ... Based on Slackware v15 S15Pup64-22.12 Forum S15Pup64-22.12 Pets Forums DownLoad S15Pup64-22.12.iso Other Puppy Linux Flavours to try= DL BookwormPup64 10.0.6 VoidPup32 + 64 Discussion - Puppy Linux Forums DownLoad Fossapup64

/////// Debian-Based Distros: BookwormPup64 10.0.6 Kali Live Kali Live USB Docs LinuxMint
/////// Forums: Linuxmint ** L I N U X Q U E S T I O N S ** LQ Radio JustLinux SlashDot /////// LinuxTV: Experimentations High Quality Video Capture LinuxTV LinuxTV HowTo Myth TV /////// LiveCD's Lists 9-5Linux TheLiveCDList VenToy-tested Windoze/Linux ISO's antivirus live cd DistroWatch[*] / Latest_Torrent_Uploads GnomeLiveCD Knoppix Slax*(TheBest) /////// LUGS: Kamloops Linux Users Group(KLUG) Vancouver Linux Users Group(VLUG) /////// Misc: turn any pc into an android Image a Linux patrician Apache Server Project(Use this one) CD recording CD Writing(how-to) dvdrecord - dvd-rw/dvd-r Ice Walkers Linux Counter #26138(all should join) Linux HeadQuarters(new kernels) Linux in British Columbia Linux Links Linux Online LinuxShark MepisLinux(Debian) Security Issues SourceForge TV Times(capture it) Wine(windoze emulator) /////// Networking/Sharing: Samba /////// Packages: /////// Printer Set-up: http://localhost:631 Samsung SCX-4200 Drivers LinuxPrinting(go here during setup) HP Printer Project /////// Scripts: ScriptWriting /////// Servers: SMB Server /////// Sound: SBLive Support /////// USB_Linux Runt Linux(Slack)(USB drive install) /////// Wifi: Broadcom 4sxx Linux Driver() Linux Wireless(get ALL drivers here!!) /////// X-Windows HeartAche: Foundation
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