John Swanson Ancestrial Project ™
Coming Together since 1991. . .

This study began in 1991. Searching on and off through the years, first with the FidoNet, then InterNet, I have compiled a fair bit of information about the Swansons of Sweden, Notviks of Norway, Kennedy's and Hopwoods of England.

This project/study was separated into four trees 06FEB2005.
Swanson | Notvik | Kennedy | Hopwood
These are the tops of the trees, cut to a point that reveals a family name that relates to another family name.

(Click on underlined names below to see fully expanded tree)

|---01 Sven SVENSSEN  Seca ANDISON
	|---01 Sven SVENSSEN  Johanna
	|	|---01 Tilda
	|	|---02 Eric John
	|	|---03 Emma
	|	|---04 Peter Mangus
	|	|---05 John Eric SWANSON w.22JUL1905 Anna Tobia NOTVIK
|---01 Aslak JONSEN 1811-1886  Siri GUTTORMSDTR 1815-1887
	|---01 Serine
	|---02 Jonas
	|---03 Guttorm
	|---04 Aslak Aslaksen Notvik  Tobia Johanne Eriksdtr
	|	|---01 Bertine
	|	|---02 Sevrina
	|	|---03 Erik
	|	|---04 Bergitte
	|	|---05 Aslak
	|	|---06 Anna-Tobia NOTVIK  John SWANSON

|---01 William George KENNEDY w.04SEP1894 Mary WINDLE
	|---01 Cecil
	|---02 William(Bill)  Jesse Dorothy HOPWOOD
	|---03 Harold
|---01 Thomas Henry HOPWOOD w.23DEC1895 Jesse Elizabeth TRAISH
	|---01 Thomas John(Jack)  Monica(Mona) WILLIAMSON
	|---02 Ernie  Beth
	|---03 Jesse Dorothy(Dolly)  William KENNEDY

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Tobia Johanne Notvik (nee Eriksdtr) and Aslak Aslaksen Notvik lived in Stavanga Norway.
A Master boat builder, Aslak was awarded a Medal from the King of Norway, King Haakon VII c.19??.
His original boat hull designs remain copied to this day...